Manager of Communications and Collaboration– Economic Inclusion

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CenterState CEO’s Economic Inclusion team is looking for a strong communicator who’s a quick study, self-motivated, highly curious, and task-oriented. The Manager of Communications and Collaboration (MCC) will manage the flow of information between members the Economic inclusion team, the broader CenterState CEO organization, our network of members and partners, and the broader community.


Position Description

Facilitating Internal Collaboration

We have a lot of really great stuff going on – programs and partnerships in workforce, business and neighborhood development – focusing on multiple neighborhoods in Syracuse and expanding into multiple counties within Central New York. The MCC will support this great work by keeping our team on the same page – managing internal communications and collaboration. S/he will help harness the relevant information and stories from our programs, distilling and consolidating it into a central repository. S/he will then help our team members share information with one another. When our team is on the same page, we can better identify points of intersection and opportunities for collaboration.


Improving Organizational Awareness

We also need help sharing stories and information with others. This starts with communicating our work and impact to our fellow CenterState CEO colleagues. The MCC will assist us in developing and executing simple and direct communications strategies, in partnership with the CenterState CEO Communications team, to help our colleagues know what we’re up to when we’re running around with our hair on fire all of the time.


Enabling Effective Communications

Beyond the walls of our office, we need help sharing stories with our 2,000 CenterState CEO members and the broader community. This individual will work with the CenterState CEO Communications team to publish stories in our newsletter and electronic communications. S/he will also work with the Economic Inclusion and Communications teams to identify and facilitate opportunities to share stories with the media.  Additionally, our Economic Inclusion team leaders are often asked to speak at local, regional and national events. We need support in developing and crafting presentation content, slide decks, handouts, etc.


Supporting Community Engagement

As our work grows in scope and scale, it’s hard to maintain relationships at the grassroots level with the various community leaders, stakeholders and residents that are impacted by our work. In order to strengthen those diverse relationships, the Economic Inclusion team has established a Director of Community Engagement and Empowerment. She’s responsible for initiating community dialogs and partnerships that increase awareness of our work; directing community outreach that ensures that the community voice is present in all that we do; and facilitating collaborations with diverse, community-based partners across Greater Syracuse and the broader CNY community. The MCC will be a critical partner in this work – supporting in the planning and execution of community events (as appropriate) and ensuring the production of timely and relevant communications materials that can be shared with the community. 


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support communication channels between VP of Economic Inclusion, directors, and other program staff to ensure ongoing awareness of relevant programmatic outcomes, activities and challenges;
  • Help develop content for regular Economic Inclusion team meetings that allow EI VP and staff share information efficiently and effectively
  • Support EI team in identifying and capitalizing upon similarities and connection points between EI programs
  • Curate relevant information related to Economic Inclusion initiatives and programs to share with fellow EI and CenterState CEO staff
  • Assist VP and Directors in preparing presentations (develop slide decks and other materials)
  • Take the lead on writing and submitting EI stories to the CenterState CEO newsletter each month
  • Support EI programs in efforts related to Social Media (in collaboration with CenterState CEO Communications team)
  • Assist EI Team in developing reports, infographics and other communications materials (in collaboration with CenterState CEO Communications team)
  • Maintain stories, photos, data and other relevant information on shared drive for Economic Inclusion
  • Curate EI information to be used in grant applications, reports and communications materials as needed.
  • Serve as Economic Inclusion representative in strategic discussions related to CRM development within CenterState CEO
  • Assist with EI communications for events (e.g. community meetings, informational meetings, etc.)
  • Assist VP of Economic Inclusion with outreach/engagement with CenterState CEO Board of Directors and members
  • Assist EI Directors with coordination of outreach/engagement of community partners
  • As needed, conduct research of existing publications, studies, and websites to inform EI programs and initiatives
  • Support team learning on relevant topics by curating and maintaining relevant content


Successful candidates will demonstrate:

  • A commitment to the mission of CenterState CEO and the values of the Economic Inclusion portfolio
  • A “team-oriented” approach, in which s/he is motivated by the success of the organization and the accomplishments of her/his colleagues
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to utilize communications and presentation tools (e.g. PowerPoint, Adobe, Prezi)
  • Experience working within socioeconomically diverse communities
  • Ability to perform to a high standard while working independently and to communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to navigate ambiguity and different work and cultural styles with agility
  • A self-starter that takes initiative to craft and execute solutions for both straight-forward and complex opportunities, checking in to (re)align with teammates as necessary
  • Comfort and skill in moving forward with work that requires input from peers and supervisors



  • Position start date is ASAP.
  • The position is full-time with benefits.
  • The Manager of Performance will report directly to the Director of Community Engagement and Empowerment, will work closely with the VP of Economic Inclusion and directors – and will regularly interface with broader Economic Inclusion division.
  • Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Nancy Premo at no later than May 9th, 2019.



Organizational Overview:

CenterState CEO

CenterState CEO is an independent and forward-thinking economic development strategist, business leadership organization and chamber of commerce dedicated to the success of its members and the prosperity of the region. CenterState CEO’s work occurs across four major portfolios: Business and Economic Development; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Research Policy and Planning; and Economic Inclusion.


Economic Inclusion at CenterState CEO:

The Economic Inclusionportfolio at CenterState CEO, formed in 2015, is dedicated to creating thriving communities through increased prosperity for all Central New York residents. To do this