Neighborhood Economic Development Manager

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The primary focus of this position is to manage community revitalization efforts within Syracuse’s “Southeast” (or “Southeast Gateway”) neighborhood. To achieve this goal the Manager will work with a core steering committee and a diverse cross section of partners to catalyze and sustain projects and initiatives that improve quality of life within this geography.  Specifically, this individual will support neighborhood planning efforts, as well as business and real estate plans and projects that create economic opportunities and improve quality of life for neighborhood residents. These plans and projects will ultimately be community-driven, with The Economic Inclusion team serving to align the resources and energy of business with the goals and aspirations of neighborhood leaders and residents. Additionally, the Manager will look for ways to align with workforce and entrepreneurial programming. The Manager will work and communicate directly with a steering committee, comprised of community and business leaders, to determine the direction of the initiative. The Manager will report to the Director of Community Investment at CenterState CEO, who will support her/his efforts.


Summary of the Southeast Neighborhood Partnership

The Southeast neighborhood partnership is a planned neighborhood-economic development initiative within the district immediately south of Downtown Syracuse, from Adams Street to Martin Luther King. This corridor of Syracuse, often referred to as the Southeast Gateway, has long been viewed as an opportune site for economic revitalization. This is especially the case today, based upon its proximity to the burgeoning Downtown and University Hill districts and an imminent transformational project within the Interstate 81 corridor. These factors, combined with planned investments in housing and infrastructure in this neighborhood, create a sense of urgency for initiating a comprehensive revitalization strategy. Within all of this, of course, is the prospect of developing a plan that will directly benefit the low-income residents of this district and other nearby Southside neighborhoods. Too often initiatives of this nature lack intentionality when it comes to economic inclusion and wealth generation strategies. Therefore, it is imperative to rally political and community leaders, as well as neighborhood stakeholders, around a set of common goals that seek to spur economic growth and attract new investments and residents to the area, while engaging and creating opportunity for the existing community at the same time.


This partnership will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • Catalyze and facilitate “flagship economic development projects” that spur economic vitality and attract additional investments into the district
  • Facilitate economic opportunity for community residents though targeted programmatic interventions related to workforce development, entrepreneurship, and community wealth generation
  • Compliment large-scale economic development investments with smaller-scale real estate and business development projects (e.g. neighbor-owned businesses in small commercial/retail spaces)
  • Support the transformation the housing market with a mixture of quality affordable housing, market rate rental properties, and home ownership projects
  • Compliment economic development projects with the development and/or expansion of key community resources and services (e.g. recreational facilities, community health services, etc.)


The partnership is funded in part by the investments of neighborhood business and community partners, as well as a grant from New York State – initiated by Assemblywoman Pam Hunter.



Roles and Responsibilities of the Neighborhood Economic Development Manager

  1. Convening and coordinating activities of the steering committee;
  2. Working directly with City of Syracuse staff to facilitate an urban planning process through the Brownfield Opportunity Area grant;
  3. Identifying “Gateway” priority projects and challenging properties and report to the steering committee as required;
  4. With support from CenterState CEO Director of Community Investment, VP for Economic Inclusion, fellow Economic Inclusion colleagues, and other CenterState CEO senior staff, work with a steering committee to connect economic development partners, resources, finances, and other ingredients necessary to finalize business and real estate project;
  5. Partner with CenterState CEO Director of Community Engagement to coordinate community engagement/outreach as needed;
  6. Partner with CenterState CEO Director of Community Engagement and other colleagues and partners to develop strategies that advance equity and wealth for residents within the target community;
  7. Working with Up Start and other small business programs to identify, support and place prospective entrepreneurs in neighborhood;
  8. Working with CenterState CEO Econ/Business Development and Tech Garden teams to identify prospective business relocation targets;
  9. Working closely with City of Syracuse Planning, Zoning/Codes, and Neighborhood Business Development departments;
  10. Managing consulting contracts for services like communications, design, etc.
  11. Assisting with budget management, data management, grant writing and reporting as needed.


Job Requirements

The Manager will demonstrate the following:

  • Experience and cultural competency needed to effectively work within diverse community settings, and among political and business leadership.
  • A commitment to the mission of CenterState CEO and the values of Economic Inclusion;
  • A “team-oriented” approach, in which he or she is motivated by the success of the organization and the accomplishments of her/his colleagues;
  • The capability to manage various tasks simultaneously while executing on short-term objectives;
  • The ability to be task oriented while also flexible in a dynamic environment;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to navigate different work styles;
  • Some combination of experience in community development, economic development, urban planning, real estate, and/or business/entrepreneurship is preferred but not required;
  • A detail oriented approach;
  • An eagerness to to learn and open to constructive feedback.



  • Position start date is ASAP.
  • The position is full time with benefits. Salary will be commensurate with experience.
  • The Manager will report directly to the Director of Community Investment within the Economic Inclusion Division.


Application Instructions

  • Interested applicants should submit two items to CenterState CEO’s Vice President of Human Resources, Nancy Premo: a résumé and a one page document describing your vision for developing a more inclusive and prosperous community within greater Syracuse. The latter is a chance to demonstrate your values, understanding of our work, and skills relative to critical thinking and communication.  These documents should be sent to
  • Applicants should submit all materials by February 4, 2019.


Organizational Overview:

CenterState CEO

CenterState CEO is an independent and forward-thinking economic development strategist, business leadership organization and chamber of commerce dedicated to the success of its members and the prosperity of the region. CenterState CEO’s work occurs across four major portfolios: Business and Economic Development; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Research Policy and Planning; and Economic Inclusion.


Economic Inclusion at CenterState CEO:

The Economic Inclusion(Inclusion) portfolio at CenterState CEO, formed in 2015, is dedicated to creating thriving communities through increased prosperity for all Central New York residents. To do this work, the Inclusion team convenes and supports partnerships that bring together business and community leadership to address issues of poverty and economic disparity in the region. The work ultimately seeks to translate economic growth into economic opportunity, increased wealth, and improved quality of life within low-income communities. Economic Inclusion currently manages initiatives in the realms of Workforce Development, Small Business Development/Entrepreneurship; and Neighborhood Revitalization. Beyond its programmatic work, Inclusion seeks to pursue systems changes and advocate for public policies that advance the goals of economic inclusion.

 Send Resume and Cover Letter to Nancy Premo: