Creating a Magnetic Brand as a Professional Speaker presented by Arel Moodie

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Getting speaking engagements is a great way to make an impact, grow your business and build awareness. However getting speaking engagements in the first place is tough for many people. This presentation will show you how to create a magnetic brand as a professional speaker that attracts clients to want to hire you to speak at their events.

You will leave this presentation learning:

  • How most speakers are repelling potential clients without even knowing it (and specifically what you can do to fix this)?
  • How to get clients to want to work with you by positioning yourself as the perfect solution to their most pressing problems?
  • What client attraction elements you need to start immediately booking presentations

Event Time

Mar 7th 2017
8:30 AM to 10:00 AM


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The Tech Garden
235 Harrison St.
Syracuse, NY 13202


Event Type

Professional Development