Growing Canadian Pet Licensing Firm Sets Up U.S. Headquarters in Syracuse

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CEO Grant Goodwin says every community licenses pets differently, so Docupet aims to streamline and modernize the process.  He says it’s an effort to reunite owners with their pets so they don’t end up in overburdened, understaffed, and underfunded shelters.  

"Typically, only about 13 percent of people in North America license their pets.  We wanted to solve this issue because it's important for animal welfare.  When you hear story after story of pets getting lost, and getting home within minutes, you realize you're solving a problem for pet owners, too."

Goodwin says one in three pets runs away at some point in their lives.  Here’s how it works:  Pet owners go to Docupet’s website for a license.  For a small fee, they’ll get a tag with a special code which, when looked up by the 24-7 staff, has the pet’s profile and owner information.  In return, Goodwin says they’ll issue gift cards and other rewards good for pet supplies.

So how did a company based in Kingston, Ontario go from simply offering its service in Syracuse to setting up shop?   Goodwin says the American market presents a significant opportunity for growth, and locating here makes that easier.  Dave Mankiewicz with CenterState CEO says it emerged from the partnership called the Kingston-Syracuse Pathway...


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Nov 20th 2018