JumpStart for NY State Small Businesses

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Applications open until June 15, 2018!

Through collaborations with Cornell experts and with matching funds from NY State, the JumpStart program helps NYS small businesses solve identifiable problems related to materials.

The award program provides:

  • A semester-long project that utilizes Cornell University resources
  • Up to $5,000 in matching NYSTAR funding
  • An opportunity to build a relationship with university faculty and staff

JumpStart projects may involve up to $15,000 in project costs apportioned as 33% CCMR-NYSTAR funds, 33% company cash, and 33% company non-cash contributions (such as employee time, materials, travel expenses, and other expenses). Alternatively, the non-cash contributions can be less than 33%, with the proportion of the company cash contribution correspondingly increased.

Apply today: http://www.ccmr.cornell.edu/industry/jumpstart-program-for-ny-state-small-businesses/application/

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Jun 13th 2018