Nascentia Health Named One of America’s Healthiest Companies

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Syracuse, NY – Nascentia Health has been named one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” for 2018 by Interactive Health, a leading provider of health management solutions.

Nascentia is among 151 honorees from across the United States recognized for empowering employees to make significant and sometimes life-saving changes to improve their health. This is the first year the system has been recognized.

Participants in Interactive Health’s wellness program receive a thorough health evaluation to identify risk and learn about their health status. Through a combination of rapid outreach, connection to personal physicians, and tailored resources, a personalized course of action is delivered to the participant, resulting in improved or maintained health. In 2018, more than 120 Nascentia Health employees and their family members participated in the program, with about 90 percent of participants in the moderate to low risk category.

Furthering Nascentia’s commitment to a healthy work environment are its on-site employee fitness center, employee-staffed Health and Wellness Committee, sit-to-stand desks, and ongoing wellness initiatives, including weekly exercise programs and Lunch & Learn sessions offered through a partnership with Metro Fitness, monthly step trackers and exercise tips for field staff, free membership to either of Metro Fitness’ locations, team sports, and participation in several local charity runs and walks.

“The best employers, like Nascentia Health, figure out a way to differentiate themselves and show employees that they care,” said Interactive Health President and CEO Bill Goldberg. “Investing in the health of your employees not only achieves that goal but has far-reaching implications across the organization. A healthier workforce is one that is happier, more engaged and more productive.”

Participants in Nascentia’s Interactive Health program have gained access to year-round personalized digital tools, coaching, wellness challenges, and fresh information about their health, empowering them to adopt new habits and keep health and wellness at the core of their daily lives, both personal and professional.

“This award is a true testament to our employees’ commitment to living a healthy lifestyle,” said Kate Rolf, President and CEO. “At Nascentia, wellness is an essential cultural value that has been embraced throughout the organization. Now that we’ve completed our fourth year of health evaluations, it's gratifying to see evidence that shows such a positive impact on the lives of our employees.”

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About Interactive Health: Interactive Health ( helps businesses invest in the health of their employees. Through robust and flexible workplace wellness programs, they empower employees to adopt new habits — habits supported through personalized goal-setting and resources. This fuels increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and fewer disability and workers’ compensation claims. With more than 25 years’ experience serving more than 1 million people annually, Interactive Health drives measurable gains in both the lives of employees and the improved financial performance of their clients.

About Nascentia Health: Nascentia Health was born of the unification of VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, Home Aides of Central New York and all their respective affiliated organizations and foundations. As a healthcare system without walls, Nascentia is an innovator in the concept of home healthcare, focusing on the patient as a whole and leveraging leading-edge care approaches and technologies to improve outcomes and quality of life. Specialties include: in-home nursing and medical services; home health aides and elder care; complete cross-continuum care management; community health and wellness programs; transportation, equipment and innovative care technologies; chronic disease management; managed long-term care; and  a Medicare Advantage Plan. The system’s catchment area spans 48 counties across Central and Upstate New York.


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Apr 11th 2019