The PeopleMap System for Business

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Join us for this special introductory session to the PeopleMap™ system. Similar to Myers-Briggs, but easier for participants to understand and implement, this proven program is designed to revolutionize the way people relate to one another and work together. This program will profoundly impact work groups and teams by providing new tools that result in effective collaboration.

You will walk away with a new understanding of what drives you and others to think and react the way you do, and how you can use this knowledge to make your interactions more effective.

This introductory session is a great opportunity for you as a leader or manager to evaluate the system for use with your own team and staff.

About the Session:

Each participant in the seminar will complete a brief PeopleMap questionnaire to determine their main personality type with 95% accuracy. There are four core personality types: Leader, People, Free Spirit, and Task. Each type has 3 inborn strengths, as well as a “weak spot” that is called the Achilles’ heel. Participants will learn about the strengths of their main type, important motivators, their communication style, weaknesses of their type and areas for potential improvement.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Christine Allen

Workplace Psychologist/Executive Coach/Certified PeopleMap™ Trainer,

President at Insight Business Works,

Official member of Forbes Coaches Council

Dr. Allen has been providing executive coaching, team building, talent selection and assessment, and other training to senior leaders and teams since 2009.

Members :   $25 per person

Event Time

Jan 23rd 2019
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM


Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Center


701 E. Genesee St.
Syracuse, NY 13210


Event Type

Professional Development - CEO