Spring Break Week offers lots to do at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo

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Spring Break is next week and the Rosamond Gifford Zoo is planning special animal-themed events to offer a variety of zoo experiences every day of the break.

Saturday, April 13 starts a week of daily Keeper Chats and Animal Demonstrations, so there are many opportunities to meet an animal or a keeper throughout each day. The full schedule is available at www.syracusezooevents.org.

Here’s a list of other special events happening at the zoo for Spring Break:

  • Daily Animal Themes! The zoo will highlight a different species each day with a noon Keeper Chat. The chats will feature:
    • Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14. Important Invertebrates. Learn about creatures that have no backbone – like sea urchins, worms and insects like Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches – and see several up close!
    • Monday, April 15 – Wolf Awareness Day. The zoo has two species of wolves, red wolves and gray wolves. Monday’s noon chat will focus on our pair of critically endangered red wolves, Cheyenne and Waya, who are currently in temporary quarters where they can be seen up close.
    • Tuesday, April 16 – Birds of All Feathers. See some of the many species of birds that live at the zoo, and meet one up close!
    • Wednesday, April 17 – Tropical Oceans Day.  Visit the marine animals at the zoo, learn about sustainable seafood and come to a special Octopus Keeper Chat at noon.
    • Thursday, April 18 – Meerkat Madness. Did you know that a group of meerkats is called a mob? And that meerkat societies are matriarchal, run by the head female? Learn more about meerkats at Thursday’s noon Keeper Chat.
    • Friday, April 19 – Heritage Breeds Day. Who knew there were endangered breeds of livestock? The zoo’s conservation mission includes caring for domestic animals that were raised by our forebears but are now rare. Meet our San Clemente Island goats, including several new babies, and learn about this critically endangered breed.
  • Enter to win a Camel Feeding Experience! The zoo will hold daily drawings Monday through Friday of Spring Break Week for an encounter with Patrick and George, our two Bactrian camels. Come to the zoo to enter – the zoo will draw a winner and announce it by closing time each day. Need not be present to win. The five winners for the week will be able to schedule their camel encounter within the next six months.
  • Animal Egg-Stravaganza  – Saturday, April 20, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Watch the animals as they enjoy their very own "Egg-stravaganza." A variety of animals will receive eggs and egg-shaped enrichment items throughout the day. Presenting unusual items to the animals is part of the zoo's enrichment program, designed to promote natural behaviors and enhance overall well-being. Pick up a schedule at the ticket booth on your way in to see the animals get their "eggs."

For more information about Rosamond Gifford Zoo events, please visit www.syracusezooevents.org.



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Apr 11th 2019