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November is Buy Local Month
Date:  11/1/2012
ArticleType:  Press Release

County Executive Mahoney and Mayor Miner Issue Proclamation;
A 10-Percent Shift Can Produce $130M Local Economic Impact

Syracuse, NY – SyracuseFirst, CenterStateCEO, Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse announced Thursday morning that November 2012 is designated as “Buy Local Month.” With support from AmeriCU Credit Union, what was once a week-long campaign has been expanded to a month-long celebration of local business. Throughout November, SyracuseFirst and CenterState CEO will spread the word about the economic impact that buying local has with the public and use Buy Local Month as a showcase for independent, local businesses that make Central New York unique.

The National Retail Federation predicts Americans will spend about $700 each on holiday shopping between November 1 and December 31. Numerous studies show that if some of those dollars are shifted to locally owned, independent businesses, two to three times as much economic activity will be generated in local communities than if that money had been spent exclusively at national chains. In Onondaga County that could mean nearly $130 million, annually, in new economic activity with just a 10% shift in spending.

“Local businesses are a key part of what makes Onondaga County a great place to live,” said County Executive Joanie Mahoney. “Buying local helps boost our economy and supports our sustainability as a community.”

“I am proud to recognize Syracuse’s ever-growing small businesses by declaring November to be Buy Local Month,” said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner. “Each day, I work with leaders across this community to develop the best possible environment for doing business. This is a great opportunity for every citizen to take the opportunity to showcase what they can do for our local businesses.”

“AmeriCU Credit Union is proud to support Buy Local Month,” said Judy Cowden, AmeriCU’s vice president for member relations and marketing. “Collaborations such as this are what build communities and we want to be involved and stay involved with efforts to sustain this and all the communities we serve.”

“This month, we want to sharpen the focus on what we, as citizens, can do to build our community as we introduce people to the businesses with the greatest impact on strengthening our economy,” said Chris Fowler, executive director of SyracuseFirst. “We’re asking residents to shift their purchases of food, cards, gifts, flowers, and other holiday purchases to businesses owned by your friends and neighbors. Even a 10-percent shift to independent, local businesses has an enormous impact.”

“Buy Local Month emphasizes the chance we all have to make a difference in our community through everyday decisions,” said Jane Amico, CenterState CEO vice president of chamber services. “Whether it’s as a private consumer or business-to-business, buying local makes a tangible financial statement about your commitment to the growth and economic health of Central New York.”

The highlight of this year’s Buy Local Month is the third-annual Buy Local Bash on Monday, November 19th at the CNY Regional Market. The event features music, art, food, wine and craft beer – all from the Central New York area. For more information, visit www.syracusefirst.org.

About SyracuseFirst
Formed in 2009, SyracuseFirst promotes the advantages that independent, local businesses bring to the community; provides a voice for small business by advocating for local, state, and national policies; and creates public awareness on the importance of Thinking Local First. Its members consist of locally-owned, independent businesses and organizations devoted to building a sustainable community by encouraging citizens to think local, buy local and be local by supporting independent businesses in our community. www.syracusefirst.org

About CenterState CEO
Based in Syracuse, the CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity is a twelve-county business leadership and economic development organization. A private, not-for-profit organization, CenterState CEO represents 2,000 members and serves as the region’s primary economic, community and business development catalyst. CenterState CEO works to achieve regional growth and total community prosperity through partnerships, planning and problem solving. www.centerstateceo.com

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