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C&S plans, designs, constructs, and maintains the built and natural environment. Founded in 1968 in Syracuse, C&S is known nationwide for engineering, architecture, planning, environmental, and construction services. The diversity of C&S’s services is unique in the industry, with professionals in a wide range of specialized and unique disciplines. C&S’s main service areas are centered on facilities, aviation, surface transportation, sustainability, environmental, site development, energy performance contracting, construction & program management, and construction services. C&S primarily serves local, state, and federal governments; industry and manufacturing; and private businesses.


Engineers Consulting, Construction Management, Mechanical Contractors, Architects, Cranes Rental & Leasing, Plumbing Contractors

Main Contact

Mr. Orrin B. MacMurray


(315) 455-2000


(315) 455-9667




499 Col. Eileen Collins Blvd.
Syracuse, NY 13212