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Culligan has been providing residential and commercial water treatment to Greater Syracuse for over fifty years. Specializing in water filtration, softening and bottled water - Culligan provides consumers with better water for your home or office. Soft water works better with soaps and detergents. It diminishes soap scum spots on glasses, dishes and fixtures and reduces dry, itchy skin and damaged hair. A drinking water system provides bottled water-quality straight from the tap. It eliminates the hassle of purchasing bottled water from the market, loading it up and lugging it home. Call 800-300-4420 to schedule a free in-home water analysis or sign-up for bottled water service for great-tasting water in the office. Culligan can make your water better with an easy solution that fits any budget.


Water Softening & Conditioning Equipment & Svc.

Main Contact

Mr. Michael Karr


(315) 458-4000


(607) 785-8440



126 Dwight Park Cir.
Syracuse, NY 13209