Gastroenterology & Hepatology of CNY

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Gastroenterology & Hepatology is comprised of partners Thomas J. Romano, MD, Robert Epstein, MD, Borys Buniak and Sara H. Mitchell, MD. All are Board Certified Gastroenterologists who have recently celebrated the opening of their new state of the art Endoscopy Surgery Center, which is certified by both New York State and the Federal governments, just like hospital surgery centers, located on the North Medical Center Campus in Liverpool. They have just implemented their electronic medical record program and will be continuing the technological enhancements with the creation of their website which will have on-line registration for office visits, appointment requests, prescription refill requests, procedure instruction sheets as well as brochures and patient education sheets on the various gastrointestinal diseases they encounter.


Physicians & Surgeons

Main Contact

Ms. Martha Stevener


(315) 452-3235


(315) 452-5726



5112 W. Taft Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13088