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In term of clean energy supply, our clean technology is able to transform any kind of waste, including unsorted waste, into a significant source of clean energy, with zero CO2 emissions. The purpose of M.E.D. Energy is to realize smart, cost-effective, sustainable and reliable solutions as alternatives to existing solutions, namely through:
-Generating significant amounts of renewable energy by including all kind of available waste, whether urban/municipality waste, agricultural/manure, biomass, green, tires, waste oil, plastics, food wastes, landfill or other wastes;
- Reducing waste management costs by radically simplifying current fastidious, costly and complex waste collection;
- Realizing scalable installations for thermal energy storage;
- Capturing, rehabilitating, storing, transporting and distributing different kinds of energy without losses;
- And doing the above without CO2 emissions


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235 Harrison St.
Syracuse, NY 13202