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The Wesleyan Methodist Church is a unique historic resource. The Wesleyan Methodist Connection splintered from the formal Methodist Episcopal Church over the issue of slavery in 1843. The church building in Syracuse was constructed to provide a place of worship for this group. In addition to its role as a center for abolition, the building served as a congregation that was active in religious reform, temperance and women’s rights. Historical documentation and oral tradition attest to the role that many of the Wesleyan Methodist Church members played in the Underground Railroad. Research clearly shows that the church was utilized as a station and that its congregation was actively engaged in assisting refugees in transit to Canada. Owner and Executive Chef Steve Morrison.. In 2000, on the site of the former Wesleyan Methodist congregation, their combined artistic talents brought Steve’s vision for converting Syracuse’s oldest church into a festive Mexican cantina to life. To this day, the Mission Restaurant’s unique environment is home to some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine in Syracuse. Serving Pan-American Cuisine –a combination of Mexican Southwestern and South American specialties featuring Latino ingredients. Lunch Special free chips and salsa! Mon &Tues - Don’t forget Burritos, tacos and quesadillas, all with homemade salsa. Experience for yourself what Yolanda Wright, Syracuse Newspaper’s restaurant critic, describes as “…attractive, fresh-tasting food bursting with flavor, moderate prices, and outstanding service...in one of the most exciting settings in town.”.


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