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MPD Partners is a private equity boutique and corporate advisor providing value increase services and financing to SMEs and ventures. We work alongside management to upgrade positioning, management process and international growth to the benefit of all stakeholders. Our hands-on strategic competence gives us an edge in helping stabilize long term growth. Thanks to international partnerships and a network of 9000+ investors, we pragmatically fund, mentor and structure the most promising companies. We are based in Switzerland, UK and Italy and we are servicing Central New York thanks to our tight collaboration with Centerstate CEO and Syracuse University in order to introduce valuable businesses from Europe, Switzerland and UK willing to participate in New York State economic development. We are open to work with all the local companies that would need support in shaping their value drivers and management processes, as well as identifying the most suitable funding sources and strategic investors.


Finance and/or Insurance, Venture Capital

Main Contact

Mr. Mirco Coccoli


+41 76 306 10 38



Place des Eaux Vives 6
Geneva, Switzerland, CH 1207