Centerstate CEO Calls for Public Sector Assistance for Employees who get Laid off due to COVID-19

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Central New York businesses need to take a long view when it comes to dealing with the economic fallout from the Corona virus epidemic. The losses in the stock market indicats how the disease is impacting the economy. There are already abrupt closure of businesses and big reductions of people gathering in public sending shock wave to bottom lines. Rob Simpson, Centerstate CEO President is hearing a lot of concern from businesses around Central New York. He calls the the impacts of the coronavirus unprecendeted and warns business owners.

"I think from the business stand point, we do need companies to be able to think down the road just a little bit. This is more than just a one or two week disruption. This is going to have longer term and more profound impacts, so we need people thinking about it planning for something that looks like a more sustained period of economic disruption," said Simpson.


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