[Elevator Pitch Workshop] The One Sentence That Will Grow Your Business

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Nail your elevator pitch & generate more interest in your business.

When someone asks "What do you do?" Does your answer always end up coming out jumbled and confused?

The problem is, without a clear answer to this question...

... you are quickly forgotten in a sea of distractions.

... your brand blends in with everyone else.

... your opportunity to reach more customers is lost.

 Create business momentum with an effective elevator pitch

  • UNITE YOUR ORGANIZATION - Get everyone on your team saying the same thing creating organizational clarity.
  • REFRAME THE NARRATIVE - People have assumptions about your industry. Your pitch quickly conveys the unique value you offer.
  • CONNECT WITH MORE LEADS - When you say something compelling they will ask for more info, go to your website, and buy from you.


In this workshop we will:

  • Teach the framework for giving an effective pitch
  • Share common mistakes people make
  • Give examples in different industries
  • Give opportunity for Q&A to share your pitch for refining and feedback


Create the foundational language needed to talk about what you do!When you clarify your pitch you begin to see a clear direction for all areas of your marketing.

Post Date

Nov 23rd 2020