Fraud Didn’t Stop for COVID-19 – Neither Should Your Risk Management Strategy

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Identifying and managing the various risk factors that threaten their business, employees and customers has always been a challenge for business leaders to navigate. The methods of fraud and cyberattack have now changed again as businesses quickly pivot to withstand the impacts of COVID-19, seek new forms of financial aid, and transition between remote work and offices.

Join CenterState CEO and the Bonadio Group to learn about the emerging types of fraud you should look out for, as well as how to efficiently reduce your known risks through both planning and implementation of tool and resources. The conversation will cover:

  • New opportunities for fraudsters that have recently arisen
  • The type of fraud that can surge in the current business environment and key risks involved
  • How to quickly and efficiently to reduce known risks
  • What can be done in the current environment if a fraud incident occurs
  • The important changes in IT security since COVID-19 changed our world
  • How to implement internal controls/checks and balances for IT Fraud, technology fraud, phishing, and more

Instruction will be led by an expert from FoxPointe Solutions, an affiliate of The Bonadio Group focused on enterprise risk management, as well as an accounting professional from The Bonadio Group’s Fraud & Forensics practice. 

Cost:  Members can attend at no cost.  Non-Member: $10

Event Time

Oct 14th 2020
11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon



Event Type

Professional Development - CEO