Lecture: Shooting the Moon

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Everson Museum
November 7, 6:00pm
Free with Museum Admission


In conjuction with Adam Milner: Late Night Space Force and in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, join us for a talk at the intersection of art and science with scientists from the Carl Sagan Institute Cornell University. Just one year after the first photograph of humans was taken, the first image of the Moon was captured. It seems our desire to capture the world around us did not take long to turn to the sky. Now, robotic spacecraft carrying state-of-the art cameras send back images of newly explored worlds from billions of miles away, but our fascination with our nearest neighbor in the vastness of space has only grown. We still strive to capture its serene beauty, and even in the pure pursuit of science we cannot help but create art.


Post Date

Oct 4th 2019