Tech & Culture Series featuring Makeda Davis

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Meet Makeda Davis, a Software Engineer at Lob Technologies Inc. Her life changed when she stumbled upon the opportunity to learn coding through an email. Makeda knew nothing about coding but the email said it was a pathway to earn more money. At the time she was working a job paying slightly over minimum wage, living in NYC and trying to provide for her daughter who was pregnant and not working. More importantly, Makeda had just been released from prison having served a lengthy 9.5 year sentence.

Under these circumstances, the opportunity to learn coding and earn great pay was appealing but she knew nothing about it. “I didn’t know that I would be venturing into a career path where I was needed, not only for my race but for my gender and for my skills I would later attain. I didn’t know that I would love coding, but I did!”

Hosted by Generation Next, the Tech and Culture Speaker Series promotes diversity, inclusion and belonging in tech-related fields through diverse speakers who are leading in the tech industry. The series invites speakers to share their personal stories to inspire, motivate and transform the mindset of the diverse audiences. 

Sponsored by JP-Morgan Chase & Co  

Cost to attend: Free; attendees must register to receive information on how to participate in the webinar. 



Event Time

Jul 20th 2022
05:30 PM to 06:30 PM


Virtual / Zoom meeting

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CEO Networking Events