City of Syracuse and CenterState CEO Announce New Hires for Syracuse Build and Pathways to Apprenticeship Programs

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Christopher Montgomery Named Director of Syracuse Build at CNY Works

Ebony Farrow Named Program Manager for the Pathways to Apprenticeship Program

The City of Syracuse and CenterState CEO announced new staff to support Syracuse Build, the program launched by Mayor Walsh to prepare community members for careers in the construction industry. Christopher Montgomery was named the director of Syracuse Build which will be housed at CNY Works. Additionally, Ebony Farrow has joined CenterState CEO’s Economic Inclusion team as its Pathways to Apprenticeship program manager.

As the director of Syracuse Build, Montgomery will provide key support to Syracuse Build as it aims to build a robust and inclusive construction workforce pipeline of Syracuse residents in preparation for aligned upcoming employment opportunities associated with unprecedented levels of local construction and development projects. He previously worked as staff assistant and program coordinator at the Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center (Syracuse EOC). Montgomery holds a bachelor’s of science in Business, Management and Economics. He also serves on several Boards of Commissioners & Directors including chairperson of Syracuse Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, Blueprint 15, Sustainable Economies Alliance, and Syracuse Poster Project.

“One of the key ingredients for the success of both programs is the selection of those who will lead and support its operations. Both Chris and Ebony have proven on-the-ground experience providing employment training and support to our residents and have established valuable relationships with industry partners,” said Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens, Syracuse Build Steering Committee Chair. “I look forward to working with them both as we prepare our workforce for future opportunities.”

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Jul 9th 2021