Syracuse Surge Workforce FAQs

Posted on July 25, 2023

Syracuse Surge Community Organization Information Session

CenterState CEO and its partners are preparing to open applications for a slate of fall workforce development programming. To best inform members and community organizations on what’s available, the CenterState CEO team created this FAQ document to answer some of the questions people have about the programs and process.


Syracuse Surge



Syracuse Surge is a citywide initiative that prepares and builds business development, infrastructure, and workforce
for the “New Economy,” or the idea that the economy shifting from product manufacturing to service-based
technologies. It includes industries that are considered cutting edge and high growth, such as biotech or Internet of
Things (IoT).

NexGen Power Systems Employee



There are several career possibilities after a person completes a Syracuse Surge program, but they all share a few things; they’re safe and clean jobs that often offer a wide range of benefits and a steady, predictable schedule.




These programs are designed to expand access to high-tech career opportunities that are available in Central New York right now. The skills gained during the programs are highly transferable and could make graduates eligible for future Micron positions, but training through these programs are not a guarantee of a job at Micron. Many firms in the region are hiring now.



There are great careers in advanced manufacturing available right now in Central New York. The high-tech economy
is having a resurgence here thanks to changing business models that bring high powered technology back to
American soil as a way to protect patents. This increase in production means businesses need more employees to
help build the tools that power the future.



A career in advanced manufacturing is often a good path for people who see themselves as tinkerers and/or crafters.
Successful candidates like to take things apart and put them back together and get to the bottom of a problem.
They’re sometimes known in their community as a handy person. People skilled in sewing, knitting, crocheting and
other skills like that often find success and fulfillment in advanced manufacturing as well. This is physical, hands-on

A career in software/coding is a good path for people who like computers and gamers who love the latest technology
and devices. Successful candidates are logical, creative problem-solvers with strong computer skills. This work is
sedentary and requires lots of time looking at screens.

The Surge Coding Apprenticeship is specifically for those with coding experience. If a person is interested in a
software/coding career but doesn’t have the skills to get started, there are free classes available for upskilling. SUNY
Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)
offers courses for no cost through the ATTAIN Lab. There, people can find
self-paced online courses that will them develop basic skills. Another option is Careers in Code. This is a is a coding
bootcamp, focusing on women and people of color. Students in this 24 week program will learn technical skills
needed in the software industry.

Each of these programs involves a group of dedicated employer partners who are committed to working with
candidates, providing competitive wages and safe workplaces. Previous graduates have had high levels of success
securing and maintaining positions with these employers.

TSyracuse Surge Pop-up Eventhe goal is to have graduates enter work directly after programming. Please try to recommend clients who you believe are ready or close to ready to hold steady employment. This process can take a long time and have hurdles. Issues with health and/or stable housing can keep a client from being successful in these programs.

That said, it is better to have a client apply and learn more even if the person is not quite ready. People can still be connected to resources. We also acknowledge that more work needs to be done in our region to get more folks ready to enter programs like these. More information and ways to be involved will be coming soon.



Advanced manufacturing is an industry that uses innovative technologies to improve the way we create existing
products and accelerate the creation of new ones. Often, advanced manufacturing will use software, sensing,
robotics, automation and other recent technologies in its processes to build electronics, metal goods and more right
here in Central New York. The industry consists of a wide range of careers, with opportunities for all experience
levels. Having a career in advanced manufacturing doesn’t require advanced skills.

What kind of career can you get with skill in advanced manufacturing?

Careers in advanced manufacturing could include high-level assembly, robotic aided assembly, machining and much

Here are some titles that our graduates have obtained:
• Quality Assurance - Anoplate
• Production (cooling units) - Bluefors, formally known as Cryomech
• Machinist - Automated Biomass Systems
• Installation Tech - Critical Path Integrators
• Manufacturing Specialist - NexGen Power Systems
• Engineer Maintenance Technician - Embassy Suites
• Maintenance Mechanic - Budweiser
• Assembly associate - Eaton

How can a person get the experience needed to enter advanced manufacturing?

Syracuse Surge Pop-up EventCenterState CEO and its partners have three programs designed to help city and county residents get a foot in the door of the advanced manufacturing industry. Surge Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) and Electrical Mechanical Technician (ELM) are both multi-week, paid programs that offer wrap around services, like childcare and transportation assistance. Surge Defense is a paid, 13-week program that will prepare people for careers in clean, high-tech assembly jobs in government contracting facilities.

SAM is for people at any mechanical skill level, even if an individual has no experience working with machines. ELM participants are expected to have at least some experience working on machines. The type of experience can be anything from repairing basic household appliances to modifying cars and drones. That basic mechanical understanding is the difference between a good candidate for SAM and a good candidate for ELM.

Surge Defense is for anyone who may have had some work experience but is ready to be part of a more serious government contracting environment, which requires precision in all steps of the process. This program will most likely lead to a union job. Individuals who complete the Surge Defense program will receive conditional offers from Lockheed Martin, pending program completion, background check and a final interview. Additional assistance will also be offered in applying to job openings at Lockheed Martin, Sabb and TTM Technologies.



A career in software allows people to design and problem solve using computer applications. Central New York’s
growing innovation economy is bringing more high-tech startups and established firms to the region. These
employers are looking for talented people to create and power computer tools used to make life easier and smarter.

What are potential careers in software?

A person doesn’t need a four-year degree to work in the region’s tech sector. By learning software and coding skills,
individuals will be able to enter careers as software developers, in either a full time or freelance capacity, quality
assurance analysts, software technicians and more.

Are there programs to help a person break into the industry?

The Surge Coding Apprenticeship develops people with basic skills for careers in tech through a one-year
apprenticeship program. It starts with a few weeks of paid, pre-apprenticeship training before transitioning into an
entry-level position with one of our employer partners. Apprentices work with businesses like Lockheed Martin,
Thales, and Terakeet. Women and people of color with some coding experience are strongly encouraged to apply.
Those interested can join a waitlist now, and they’ll receive the application once it’s live.

Syracuse Surge Coding Apprenticeship


Free day care is available to most participants with drop-in slots that we help to provide.


SUNY EOC | 100 New Street Syracuse, NY 13202 | Nov. 10th – Dec. 15th | 9am-Noon

  • Applications due Nov. 1, rolling acceptance until then.
  • Classroom setting
  • Tuition-free
  • Training stipend for students

This program covers blueprint reading, industrial math, technical skills, and professional development for resumes/
interview coaching. Individuals who complete the program will have a SUNY Attain Manufacturing Curriculum Certificate
on their resume. Entry-level wages start around $15 an hour with overtime frequently available. These careers have
significant opportunities for advancement.


Onondaga Community College | 4585 W Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215 | Nov. 6th – Dec. 15th | 9am-Noon

  • Last Applications Accepted Nov. 1, rolling acceptance until then.
  • Classroom setting and on-the-job training
  • Tuition-free
  • Training stipend for students
  • Some experience required

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be helped with introductions and assistance in applying to job openings
at Onondaga County Water, Critical Path Integrators, United Radio and more! Graduates will have a stackable badge/
microcredential awarded by Credly/OCC. Entry-level wages for these careers start at approximately $18 an hour.


SUNY EOC | 100 New Street Syracuse, NY 13202 | Sept. 8th - Dec. 15th | 9am-1pm

  • Applications due Sept. 13, rolling acceptance until then.
  • 13 week program
  • Classroom setting
  • Tuition Free
  • Training stipend for students

Federal background check and drug test required. Please reach out with questions or concerns about this. Don’t assume
this will automatically disqualify someone.

This program covers will have JSTD100 National Certification, OSHA 10 and SUNY Completion Certificate. Skills taught
include soldering, government contracting documentation procedures, electrostatic discharge, industrial math, technical
skills, professional development and more. Entry-level wages start around $25 an hour with overtime frequently available.
These careers have significant opportunities for advancement.


All participants will walk the stage at SUNY OCC and interview directly with a selection of employers on graduation day,
Dec. 15. Candidates must interview with employers. The goal is go from these professional developments directly to
employment. A reception to celebrate with family will follow.



Le Moyne ERIE 21 | Nov. 2023

  • Wait list open now! Applications will open in August. Accepted until October 9.
  • Hiring Event Nov. 9
  • Classroom setting for first month, followed by full-time employment. (Positions vary)
  • Tuition-free
  • Training stipend for students

Some technical experience in any of these settings is necessary for success: course work, concentration, college minor or major, internship
and/or work experience in any of the following: coding, computer science, information technology, data, cybersecurity,
entrepreneurship, or any technology adjacent experience.

The apprenticeship begins with a month of training on project management, technical skills, effective communication
and more. Afterward, apprentices will work in entry-level, full-time roles with one of our employer partners. We strongly
encourage woman and people of color to apply. A hiring event will be held Nov. 7, where candidates will have the chance
to meet and speak with employer partners. Apprentices and employers will submit a ranking sheet after the meet and
greet. Then, CenterState CEO and Le Moyne College will match an apprentice with an employer based on those rankings.

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